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We bring you the best tools on the market to match you with other carpoolers, and automate scheduling. In California, driving culture is pretty engrained. Carpools allow you to stay in the comfort of a car, and get rewarded for a cleaner commute.

Matching Tools

Carpooling made easy. Use these tools to match, schedule, and share costs.

Automated matching ideal for morning and evening work commutes

The best way to find a long term carpool partner

Users create their carpools by selecting from available drivers


The navigation app allows drivers to offer carpools to riders


Find your match


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More Perks

Get excited about VIP treatment and more rewards for carpooling.

Carpool to BART stations to earn a parking space. Download the BART app, and enter your Clipper card information to get started.

Learn what carpool lanes are along your route to move through traffic.

This organic carpooling network has pick-up locations throughout Alameda County, where drivers meet riders for a free/low-cost ride to San Francisco.

Log your green commute trips in the 511 RMS,  from carpool to biking to transit, and more. Every month you can win gift cards.

Referral Rewards

Apps Scoop and Waze Carpool offer referral incentives in-app to their users for inviting friends to use the app. Check your app for details.

The Bay Area Carpool Program is powered by 511 SF Bay and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC). It's your one-stop-shop for carpool matching tools and green commute rewards.